Runner's Nipple - What is it and how to prevent it

Jogger's or Runners Nipple is a common affliction. It occurs when nipples are irritated by rubbing and chafing during physical activity. 

Sore nipples when running?  This is commonly referred to as Joggers or Runners nipple. It is very painful and symptoms are irritation, redness of the skin, soreness and dryness.  When the nipples are irritated for long periods then it can lead to cracking and bleeding.


Joggers nipple is caused when shirts made of coarse material like cotton rub against the skin and area.  It's more likely to occur during winter prominent over longer distances this can lead to increased chafing.

Treatment and Prevention

Luckily this is easily treated with over the counter creams but we would rather prevent the situation in the first place.  We've devised a nipple protector that is made from a self adhesive foam that can help prevent the chafing from the start.  It is a circular plaster with an indentation in the middle.  Sticks easily to the skin and stays attached even under the toughest conditions.

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