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Get relief from muscular pain, reduce muscle trigger points and improve circulation.

Treat your sore muscles with the Ultimate Performance Massage Therapy Roller while being in control.

Product Details
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Product Details

Use the Ultimate Performance Massage Therapy Roller to attack sore trigger points, aches and pains all over your body with pinpoint accuracy to get relief from muscular pain. The Ultimate Massage Therapy Roller reduces muscle trigger points and improves circulation.

The UP Ultimate Massage Therapy Roller delivers deep-penetrating, pain-relieving myofascial massage: the specifically designed contours target difficult to reach places, while you use your body weight to choose how much pressure to apply.

  • Use before workouts to release muscle toxins and enable you to train harder
  • Accelerate recovery post-workout: sooth aching muscles, roll out niggles and speed up injury rehab
  • Improve core strength, enhance stability, encourage better posture and restore muscle flexibility
  • Works on quads, hamstrings, ITB, calves, hips, lower/upper back, neck, delts and shoulders.


Made in China

Size Guide

SIZE: approx. 12″ long, 14.5″ circumference.