Happy Fitness Christmas - 1000 Mile Fitness Gift Guide

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat but just what do you give active friends and family determined to stay trim?

Here’s our guide to the best gifts and stocking filler for fitness lovers, whatever their activity:

The Jogger
Gift the joy of blister-free feet with our variety of double-layer socks and anklets. Should they like stepping out to a beat, our Ridgeway Phone Holder will give them secure and comfortable access their favourite tunes.


The Night Bird
From runners to dog walkers, our range of handy reflective accessories will keep them safe and visible after dark. Choose from handy clip-on LED lights, vests, arm and ankle bands, reflective hats and gloves, laces and ‘hot dot’ stickers.


The Walker
Give the gift of toasty toes with our cosy and comfortable Heat Socks. Featuring unique Nilit Heat yarn from its inner layer, these snug socks will also provide padded comfort and sweat-free performance.


The Marathon Runner
Help keep them on track with our selection of small but protective running heroes, all designed to keep irksome niggles at bay. Opt for our new blister plasters, toe protectors, nipple plasters and supportive compression socks.



The Gym Goer
If they’re thirsty for the gym, why not opt for one of our handy handheld water bottles. Our super comfy Run Anklet make a great gym sock - even better there's two pairs in the pack!


Training Ball Size 4


The Rugby Player
Help ease their existing niggles on or off the pitch with a supportive accessory. Advanced Kinesiology tape, helps reduce pain and inflammation and relaxes tired muscles while Neoprene supports provides firm, even support whilst promoting improved healing and recovery. Or, why not opt for Rugby Balls for training too?



The Climber
Chalk up a present success by helping vertical thrill seekers get to grips with new year climbs with our range of chalk accessories. Choose from liquid or powder chalk, handy chalk bags and balls and brushes.



Happy Fitness!