Naqi Sports Massage Therapy bolsters the Ultimate Performance portfolio

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with NAQI – dermatologically tested sports massage lotions and gels.  The range provides a wide selection of massage lotions for professional sports massage therapy. 

Massage lotions from Naqi Sports are a non-greasy lotion with excellent lubricating and dispersion properties.  

All versions of the massage lotion – from the Gold Standard Ultra, through to the Light are available in 500ml and 5 litre  bottles.  Whether you are looking to stock up your clinic or have a smaller bottle in your medical bag, we've got you covered.

We are also stocking  Warming Up Competition 1, 2 and 3.  These body lotions leave a water repellent film to reduce heat loss in cold weather conditions.  The extra stimulation to the bodies circulation helps you warm up quicker.  Great for teams training in the Autumn and Winter sessions.  Also in the range is the Voltra Plus - a foot specific version that will help keep your feet warm when it get's extra cold out of the pitch.    

The Recovery Gel helps reduce muscle stiffness and cramps. It improves circulation and reduces waste materials giving heavy legs a lift with its cooling and analgesic effect. 

This provides a cheaper and more convenient alternative to wearing compression socks to aid recovery. Invaluable for runners training through the winter for the London Marathon or team members recovering after a heavy training session. 

To see the full range visit UP Medical HERE