Why Winter Reflection Is A Bright Idea

Why Winter Reflection Is A Bright Idea

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This month, the clocks roll back, the days get shorter and the light begins to fade.  The need for good winter running kit becomes essential.

Sadly, the Office for National Statistics sees a higher rate of accidents for pedestrians and cyclists during the darker winter months.  With fatal accidents more likely to occur during the hours of darkness.

For most of us, staying indoors for the next 6 months isn’t an option. Whether training, commuting to work, doing the school run or simply walking the dog, staying safe and visible to others is essential.

But it’s not all doom and gloom and thankfully, you don’t have to wrap yourself up in Christmas tree lights to be seen. There are many small but effective reflective gadgets on the market, and none of them will break the bank, but which to choose?

LED kit (Light-Emitting Diode) takes reflection to another level and there are several clip-on lights or LED armbands available. These can easily be attached to backpacks, bikes and clothing to provide either a constant or flashing light that keeps you visible.

Reflective ankle, arm and wrist bands are easy to wear. They will provide high visibility for up to a quarter of a mile!   Re-lace your trainers, shoes or boots with reflective laces and glow as you step out.

For night runners, a fully reflective vest might be a preferred option. Many lightweight designs offering unlimited movement and complete peace of mind as you focus on putting in the miles.

And lastly, a head torch is not only an effective method of staying visible, but will light the way ahead.  This is vital for precise and safe foot placement.

Whatever you do this winter, shine bright!

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