Collection: Ankle Supports

Select from our range of specialist Ankle Supports & Braces designed with running and sport in mind. All our supports certified medical grade devices and are graded by support level. Level 1: Basic, Level 2: Moderate, Level 3: Pro and Level 4: Maximum.

Types of Ankle Support

We have the following different types of ankle support in the Ultimate Performance Medical range.

Neoprene Ankle Supports

Traditionally crafted from neoprene, a synthetic rubber known for its elastic properties, these supports offer effective compression and stability for joints and muscles. Neoprene also retains body heat, promoting improved blood circulation, which aids in the healing process.

However, neoprene supports can sometimes feel bulky and less skin-friendly during extended wear. They shine when you need robust support, especially once the acute phase of injury has passed. Tendon injuries, in particular, benefit from neoprene's heat-retaining properties.

Elastic Ankle Supports

Lighter in weight and often crafted from modern materials, elastic supports excel in comfort during prolonged use against the skin. They are particularly suited for applying compression during the early, acute stages of ankle injuries, prioritizing the reduction of swelling.

Specialist Ankle Braces

Tailored for specific purposes, these braces include Achilles tendon straps and Posterior tibial tendon displacement braces. Achilles tendon straps reduce strain on the tendon by applying compression around it.

If swelling is also a concern, the Advanced Ultimate Compression Support combines elastic joint compression with tension on the Achilles tendon. Another specialist option is the Football Ankle Brace, resembling typical laced ankle braces but cut shorter around the midfoot to fit comfortably inside football boots.

Stabilising Ankle Braces

These supports offer the highest level of protection, particularly against lateral (sideways) movement. They often incorporate additional features like metal springs along the sides (in the case of laced ankle braces) or extra straps, sometimes combining both elements.

From our light support sock to the premium Advanced Ankle Support with straps we’ve a wide range of products that supports the ankle and arches so you can keep moving when injury hits.