Collection: Runners Waist Packs

Waist packs for running enable you to carry keys, money, phones, food and drink safely and conveniently.

Runners waist packs

We’ve looked at all different ways of helping you to carry those small essentials that you need when you’re out and about.  From a wrist pocket to hold keys or a waist pack to hold that little bit more or even a back pack to hold anything you can think of!

The Ease waist pack has a high visibility LED light with constant and flash modes. No throwing away batteries! Recharge via inbuilt mini USB socket (cablesupplied). Visible up to half a mile. Reflective for extra safety. Water resistant. Expandable. No-bounce snug fit and available in blue, red or yellow.

Waist packs for phones

As mobile phones get bigger and bigger they are much less convenient to run with. However, mobile phone are great for tracking your progress as well as staying safe.

Do I need a waist pack for running?

So you’ve made the decision to get outside and do some exercise.  Great news!

The only problem is that whilst you love the idea of just getting out there you still need to think practically.  You need to carry keys, maybe a little money, maybe some energy bars and not forgetting your mobile phone for safety.  Well you can’t put all these bits in your pocket and you can’t hold onto them for the whole time – so what do you do?