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Ultimate Performance Medical

Advanced F3D Support Insole - UP4570

Advanced F3D Support Insole - UP4570

The Ultimate Performance Advanced F3D Support insole are ideal for runners and walkers who overpronate. Or if you have a have low arched or flat feet. It Combines 3mm of Anti-shock foam damping with stability and support.

We recommend this insole for . It is suitable for recovering from injury, or if you want to reduce the chance of long-term injuries.

Advanced F3D Cushion Insoles are great for:

  • - Mildly, moderately, and severely over-pronating runners
  • - People wanting to reduce the chance of long-term injuries.
  • - People wanting more comfort.
  • - Low arch height or flat feet.
  • - Shoes that have a removable insole and/or excess space.
  • - All ages and body types.

How to wear Advanced F3D Support Insoles

Wear in neutral or supportive trainers and footwear. If you are not used to wearing orthotic type insoles then introduce them gradually. For example wear them for a couple of hours the first day, then gradually increase. This allows your feet time to adjust.

What type of footwear are they suitable for?

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Size guide

UK Shoes size:

X-Small: 2 - 4
Medium: 7.5 - 9
Large: 9.5 - 11
X-Large: 11.5 - 14

Trim to fit using scissors if necessary.


The main body, arch bridge, f3d cushioning and lining are 60% PU, 20% TPU, 13% F3D and 7% Polyester.

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Care Instructions

Hand wash in cool water and air dry.

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The Advanced F3D Support Insole are suitable for shoes with removable insoles and/or excess space in the footwear. For example, trainers, football or rugby boots. They are perfect for all ages and body type.

They are also suitable for other sport footwear (golf or tennis shoes, football and rugby boots etc) as long as the current insole is removable and there is enough space to accommodate the Advanced Insole.

They are full-length insoles with shock absorption in the key impact points of the heel and forefoot. As a result, this mirrors where your body has naturally absorbent fatty pads and aiding natural gait.

Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles

Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles are designed for running and walking. They are full-length insoles,  made from a unique mix of materials specifically engineered for running. Offering both biomechanical support and shock absorption, a cushioned arch support and an anatomical contour known as a ‘Met Pad’. The 'Met Pad' helps spread the load across your forefoot.

Helping the body to achieve a more ideal gait, and damping harmful high-frequency shockwaves can help to reduce pain not only in your feet, but also in ankles, shins, knees, hips, back and neck. They will also help to aid recovery time and help to reduce the risk of injuries reoccurring. These insoles are full length and replace the insoles in neutral or supportive running shoes.