Collection: Elastic Tapes & Bandages - EAB

Elastic adhesive bandage or EAB is a sticky tape, ideal for a variety of taping applications. We have traditional EAB as well as easy tear Rip light tape and cohesive tape which sticks to itself.

Types of elastic sports tape

There are various types of sports tape bandge with elastic properties.

Elastic adhesive bandage

A variety of sports taping techniques use Elastic adhesive bandage or EAB. This is because it stretches, making it ideal for applying over muscles which expand during exercise.

As a result it is best for applying anchor strips whichsupport straps attach to. Standard EAB does not tear easily, needing scissors to cut. Another example is when using Rugby lifting blocks. These secure around the players thigh.

Easy tear elastic bandage

RIP lite tape is ideal for teams. It has the properties of standard EAB but you can tear it easily. This makes it perfect for fast applications at pitch side or before a game.

Cohesive bandage

Cohesive tape sticks to itself, not the skin. It is elastic and easy to tear with fingers. Cohesive tape has a number of applications. In particular it is excellent for applying compression, for example immediately after an injury, or to help secure a hot or cold therapy pack.


Underwrap is a foam based elastic strapping that is not sticky. It is used as a base applied directly to the skin over which other types of tape are applied. Most therapists would choose to apply tape directly to the skin if possible. However, if the patient is particularly hairy then underwrap is used in conjunction with spray adhesive.