Collection: Running Hydration Packs & Vests

Ultimate Performance Hydration Packs and Vests for running and walking enable you to carry and drink water on the move. Ideal for Marathon running, Trail running and ultra long distance events. All our hydration products contain only BPA free plastic.

What is a Running Hydration Pack?

A hydration pack is a backpack containing a water reservoir or bladder. It enables convenient access to fluids on the move during outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or running.

The main purpose of a hydration pack is to provide hands-free access to water to keep you hydrated, without the need to stop or carry water bottles.

A typical hydration pack consists of a backpack or bag with a dedicated compartment to hold a flexible water reservoir or bladder. The reservoir has a wide-mouth opening. As a result, it is really easy to fill and clean. Extending from the reservoir is a long drinking tube with a bite valve. The bite valve enables you to control the flow of water whist on the move.

Which is the best Running Hydration Pack for me?

That all depends on how far you run and in what conditions, as well as what you personally find comfortable. There are many different options and features. However, first decide whether you prefer a hydration backpack, hydration belt or a hydration vest.

Running hydration backpacks

These are mini rucksack hydration packs or vests which you wear over your shoulders.  A running hydration backpack allows you to carry more fluid and snacks, as well as other safety items such as waterproof clothing and first aid kits. This is particularly important for very long runs and mountain walking.

The advantage of a hydration vest or backpack is that you can carry larger volumes of water, up to two litres. This is important if you are running in hotter climates, or have to cover long distances without the opportunity to refil.

As well as hard-core running events, you can also use a running backpack for family days out or simply walking the dog.

Running Hydration Vests 

Running hydration vests are designed to be comfortable and lightweight. They have less storage than a full backpack and are more suited to long distance running and races. However, the Ultimate Performance range still has plenty of storage for essential items.

Another advantage is that the weight spreads evenly over your back, shoulders and chest. It is less bulky than carrying that much water in a waist pack.

Running hydration belts

You wear a hydration belt around the waist which holds water bottles. Therefore, running belts are best suited to medium or shorter runs, or for carrying additional water if you are already wearing a rucksack or backpack.

The weight distributes over your hips so your legs take the strain, not your shoulders. They're the lightest and most compact solution, and they're quick and easy to put on.

Water bottles

Our runners water bottles are ideal for carrying smaller volumes of water to keep you hydrated on a run. They are shaped to be easy to hold in your hand whilst running.

BPA-free plastic

BPA (bisphenol A) is a synthetic chemical used in the production of certain types of plastics. It is thought to increase estrogen levels in the body which is detrimental to performance and health.

Ultimate Performance do not use BPA plastics in any of there water bottles and hydration packs and this is why.

How do I use a hydration pack?

To use any hydration pack, you fill the water reservoir with clean drinking water and secure it in the dedicated compartment of the backpack. Adjust the drinking tube over your shoulder or through a tube holder on the pack's shoulder strap. The bite valve on the end of the drinking tube allows you to sip water by biting down on it and sucking. As a result, you have a constant supply of hands-free drinking while on the move.

What size do I need?

Hydration packs come in various sizes, typically ranging from 1.5 to 3 litres in capacity. The right size for you depends on personal preference, how long you run, if you can refill easily and how much extra weight you are comfortable carrying. Some of the Ultimate Performance Hydration Packs come with a 1.5L capacity which you can increase to 3L by adding an additional 1.5L bladder.

Many hydration packs also offer additional storage compartments and pockets for carrying other essentials such as snacks, keys, maps, or extra layers of clothing.

Trail Running Hydration Vest

Trail running takes place off-road and often over long, or very long distances. As a result, the need for hydration packs and to carry larger volumes of water, comfortably and without slowing you down is important. Ultimate Performance trail running hydration vests are perfect for both amateur and elite long distance trail running.