Collection: Ultimate Performance Reflective Running Gear

Stay safe this winter with our Ultimate Performance range of reflective running gear, vests and LED lights.

Reflective running gear

We have a huge range of reflective running gear for runners but which is most suitable for you?

Reflective running vests

Reflective running vests are an essential bit of kit for running at night or low light levels. They contain reflective materials which reflect back powerful car lights. This is especially important if you run on or beside busy roads.

The Ultimate Performance Reflective Race Vest is a lightweight vest which you wear over your running top. The Ultimate Performance LED Race Vest is reflective but also includes powerul LED lights.

LED running lights

LED stands for light emitting diode. LED's are incredibly bright but use very little energy. Therefore you don't need to worry about heavy battery packs.

The Stile LED Reflective Running Vest with Phone Carrier has all the benefits of a reflective running vest with a built in phone carrier. Why spend a fortune on your phone and fail to protect it when out running? One small CR2032 battery gives you up to 144 hours of use in flash mode. Essential LED/Reflective gear for running.

The Eddystone Clip-On LED light simply clips on any clothing or equipment for instant visibility up to half a mile away. Great for clipping to any running clothing - or even a dog harness!

Reflective Laces

Ultimate Performance Elastic Laces contain relective flecks in the material which catch light from traffic making you extra visible at night. You never need to stop to tie up your shoe lace and they are easy to put on and off.

We all know that sometimes we have to fit our training in around busy lives and reflective running gear makes early morning or late at night training safer.

If you’re training outside we all know how important it is to remain visible in low light conditions.  Whether its a reflective vest, a clip on LED or a head torch – our range of Reflectives and LED products have got you covered.