Collection: Running Water Bottles & Belts

Ultimate Performance water bottles for running and team sports. We have both Hand-held and water bottles with waist belts. All our products are BPA-free. This means the plastic we make them from is not harmful to you health.

Choosing a water bottle for running

Which running water bottle is best for you? Here we explain some of the benefits and disadvantages of specific types to help you choose.

Hand-held running water bottle

Hand held bottles are great for on-the-go hydration. They are convenient and easy to carry. You can take a sip whenever you need it without having to slow down or stop running. However, some runners may prefer not to carry something in their hands and they have a smaller capacity than waist belt type sports water bottles.

Waist belt water bottles

The benefits of waist belt type sports water bottles you can generally carry larger volumes and the weight is distributed evenly around your waist. Therefore, your legs absorb the additional weight so you are unlikely to notice it when running.

Team water bottles

Ultimate Performance Team Water Bottle and Carrier is suitable for all sports teams. The carrier contains 8 BPA plastic free bottles which hold one litre of fluid.