Collection: Running Gloves & Hats

Reflective running gloves, hats and ear warmers to keep you safe and warm whilst running.

From ear warmers and arm sleeves to moisture wicking hats and windproof gloves for running – Ultimate Performance have designed a range of fitness outerwear that will keep you warm and allow you continue your training – whatever the weather!

Running Gloves

Your hands are the first things to feel the cold. Whilst you may be tough enough to cope, your skin might not be. Cold weather causes the ends of your fingers to split and crack. Protect your hands as well as yourself with Ultimate Performance Reflective Running Gloves

Our reflective running gloves have breathable abrasion resistant fabric. It and doesn’t bobble, and dries quickly. There is also no need to take your gloves off when using your phone.

Running Hats

The Ultimate Performance Ultra Reflective Runners Hat is made from fast drying fabric to keep you dry and comfortable, it will also help balance your body temperature.

Ear warmers

The Ultimate Performance Ultra Reflective Ear Warmer covers your ears only. As a restult, your ears are cosy warm, whilst allowing you to vent excess body heat up out of your head.