Collection: Elbow Supports

Ultimate Performance elbow supports and braces for treating and preventing elbow pain including Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow, sprains, strains & tendonitis. All our supports are graded by support level.  Level 1: Basic, Level 2: Moderate, Level 3: Pro and Level 4: Maximum.

Choosing Elbow Supports

There are a number of different types of elbow supports and braces. But which one is the best elbow support for you? Here we explain the different types of elbow supports for different types of injury.

Class 1 medical devices

All Ultimate Performance knee supports are classified as Class 1 Medical Devices. This means the are registered with the Medical & Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA). This means they have met strict criteria, been thoroughly tested, with evidence based research to prove they are safe and effective.

Tennis elbow strap/supports

Tennis elbow is the common name people use to describe chronic pain on the outside of the elbow. It is also known as lateral epicondylitis or extensor tendinopathy. It is an overuse injury causing inflammation, or more likely degeneration of the attachment of the extensor muscles on the outside of the elbow.

Tennis elbow supports work by applying compression around the forearm, just below the elbow. As a result, pressure on the tendon, changes how the forces transmit through the tissues reducing pain.

All three of our Tennis elbow supports are excellent for relieving symptoms and encouraging healing. So it really comes down to personal choice and budget.

The Advanced Ultimate Compression Elbow Support is designed with Tennis elbow in mind. It has a silicon pad which is placed over the tendon to more accurately target compression. The elastic design gives excellent compression and is less bulky than neoprene equivalents making it more comfortable to wear for longer periods.

The Air Tennis Elbow Support has a small cushion of air which is positioned over the tendon, also providing more accurate compression. Neoprene retains body heat which increases blood flow, aiding the healing process.

The UP Tennis Elbow Support has a compression tube which targets pressure onto the tendon.

Golfer's elbow brace

Golfer's elbow is the same as Tennis elbow except it affects the inside of the elbow. It is inflammation or more likely degenertion of the tendons at the point they attach on the medial epicondyle (inside of the elbow).

Golfers elbow braces are simply Tennis elbow braces but worn so the compression part of the support is over the inside of the elbow.

Elbow joint injuries & arthritis

An elbow sprain is a tear of any of the ligaments (which join bone to bone) in the elbow. Elbow joint sprains can occur suddenly through direct trauma or twisting. Or they may occur gradually over time through overuse, for example with repetitive throwing.

The Ultimate Elastic Compression Elbow Support is the number one choice for elbow joint injuries. The tailored elastic design provides excellent joint compression. Being thinner than neoprene it is more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

It is also ideal for general elbow swelling and Arthritis.

Neoprene supports

Neoprene is a rubber based material which has good compression properties as well as retaining body heat. Increasing heat to the area of an injury (as long as it is not in the early acute phase) increases blood flow which brings nutrients to the area, aiding the healing process.

If you have chronic inflammation or degeneration your elbow tendons then consider the Neoprene Elbow Support. Tendons work best when kept warm.

Elbow compression sleeves

An elbow compression sleeve is simply a pull on support that applies compression to the joint. They are excellent for immediately after injury when you need to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. Elastic elbow compression sleeves are better for the acute phase after injury.

Later in the rehabilitation process, or for chronic tendon injuries a Neoprene elbow compression sleeve is ideal as it retains heat.