1000 Mile Sock Size Guide

Many of the socks in the 1000 Mile range are available in both men’s and ladies fittings, as indicated by the colour coded stitching around the toe seam.

How do I know which size I need?

The size guide below explains which size to choose based on your shoes size. Choose the same size sock as your foot size. However, if you have a particularly wide or narrow foot and you are on the borderline between two sizes then you may wish to consider going up or down a size.

sock size guide


How do 1000 Mile socks fit?

  • Athletic socks will fit generally tighter than a regular fit – this is intentional to prevent slippage.
  • Walking socks are a more regular fit – they need to provide comfort and protection all day.
  • Double-Layer socks will have a tighter than a regular fit – this is intentional so the inner layer can stay with the foot and create the shearing effect with the outer layer.
  • Single-Layer socks will have a more regular fit.

Certain Double-Layer Athletic socks have an even closer fit to allow for the rigours of the activity. For example, our closest fitting sock is “All Terrain” which is an Athletic Double-Layer sock for Fell Racing, Cross country and Ultra Events. As a result, the sock needs to allow for very steep and fast downhill foot-strikes and yet still have the double-layer anti-blister feature without creating undue movement.

In summary, correct sock fit is a science, but you can find exactly the right 1000 Mile sock for you and your activity if you apply the principles here!

What if I am in between sizes?

If you are inbetween two sizes then you may wish to go up or down a size depending on whether you have wide or narrow feet. For example, if you are on the borderline of Ladies Small and Ladies Medium then choose the small if you have a narrow foot and the larger size if you have a wide foot.

UK shoe width sizes are described by letters A to E.

What if I have narrow feet?

If you are on the border between two sizes and know you have narrow feet (D or less for men, B or less for ladies), then we recommend going down a size. But only if you are on the borderline between two sizes.

What if I have wide feet?

If you are between sizes and have a wide foot (D or E for ladies, E or 2E for men) then we recommend going up a size. The sock should be a snug fit with no wrinkles.


Pull the sock on carefully to ensure fitted heel and toe box sit correctly on the foot.