Collection: Wrist Supports

Ultimate Performance Medical wrist supports, splints and braces for weak and injured wrists. All our supports and braces are class 1 medical devices.

Choosing a wrist & thumb support

There are various types of wrist supports, splints and braces. Which one is the right one for you depends on if you have a particular injury and the level of support you need.

Wrist supports & braces for specific injuries

We recommend the following wrist supports for these common wrist injuries:

Wrist sprains

A sprained wrist is a tear of any of the small ligaments in the joint. It can often be difficult to distinguish between a sprain and a strain (of the tendon which joins muscle to bone). Your physio treats them both the same way.

Immediate first aid is to apply the PRICE principles of protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation.

The Neoprene wrist wrap is ideal for mild to moderate wrist sprains. It wraps around the wrist securely protecting your wrist from further injury. The wrap around design means you can adjust the amount of compression to suit. Compression along with cold therapy helps reduce pain and swelling during the acute phase just after injury.

Later as you recover the neoprene helps retain body heat which increases blood flow, aiding the healing process.

Another option is the Advanced Ultimate Compression Wrist Splint. This is made of elastic so retains less body heat than neoprene. However, it is likely to be more comfortable, especially if you wear it for longer periods. You can also reduce the level of support it gives as your injury heals by removing the metal stay.

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Splints

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by compression of the median nerve. Symptoms include chronic wrist pain, numbness, pins, and needles.

The Carpal tunnel wrist splint is specifically designed to support and immobilise the wrist, allowing it to heal. It has a rigid aluminium stay which supports the wrist in a neutral position. Adjustable straps mean you can vary the compression to suit your own preference.

Wrist supports for tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis is inflammation of any of the tendons which pass along the wrist. Most commonly it is a chronic, long term injury so the term wrist tendinopathy is probably more appropriate.

The Neoprene wrist wrap is an excellent support for wrist tendonitis. Neoprene supports the joint with compression and retains body heat, which is important for treating chronic tendon injuries.

Thumb sprains

The most common type of thumb sprain occurs when your thumb bends backwards, damaging the joint at the base of your thumb. This is the metacarpophalangeal joint or MCP.

The Thumb Stabiliser helps prevent your thumb bending backwards. The metal splints or spoons along the wrist and thumb provide support along with adjustable straps.

Types of wrist supports

Here we explain the different types of wrist brace.

Neoprene wrist supports

Neoprene is a rubber based material. Its elastic properties mean it is great for applying compression. It retains body heat, which increases blood flow encouraging healing. Neoprene is particularly appropriate for chronic tendon injuries (wrist sprains) because tendons work better when kept warm.

Wrist splints

A wrist splint is a brace or support that fixes your wrist in position, usually straight. Used for Carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist fractures where your doctor chooses not to apply a full cast. Wrist splints have solid metal spoons or stays to 'splint' the wrist in place, preventing movement.

You may also need a wrist splint for a severe sprain or fracture. It is important to immobilise the wrist joint to allow healing.

Wrist wraps

A wrist wrap is a support that wraps around the wrist. Although very simple in design they are highly effective because you can easily adjust amount of support or compression. They are also very easy to apply.

Thumb support/brace

The Thumb Support Brace is designed to protect and immobilise the joint at the base of the thumb (known as the mtp joint). This is commonly injured when the thumb is bent backwards resulting in ligament sprains.

Ultimate Performance have designed a selection of products to support injured, sprained or strained elbows and wrists.  Available in different sizes, styles and materials to suit all requirements. All our supports are graded by support level.  Level 1: Basic, Level 2: Moderate, Level 3: Pro and Level 4: Maximum.