Collection: Compression Running & Support Socks

Ultimate Performance Compression Running Socks and Support Socks help you recover from and mitigate the risk of lower leg injuries.

Compression vs Support Socks

What is the difference and which is most suitable?

Compression Running Socks

You can wear compression running socks either during exercise, or as a recovery sock.

During exercise they give support and stability to the calf muscles and lower-limb soft-tissues. As a result, they improve biomechanical efficiency and help guard against compartment syndrome. They also encourage blood-flow, which helps remove lactate from the muscle. Compression running socks also aid proprioception which is the body's sense of where it is in space.

As a recovery sock they aid blood and lymphatic flow. As a result, helping removal of lactate from the muscles in the lower leg post exercise. Compression also helps reduce swelling.

Support Socks

These target compression to aid the function of certain soft-tissue structures in the lower limb/foot. In particular, the unique Ultimate Performance Support Sock supports almost all the major ligaments and tendons in the foot and ankle.

Plantar fasciitis sock

The Plantar fasciitis sock is worn overnight to help prevent the arch of your foot tightening up. They are an effective treatment for Plantar fasciitis heel pain.