Kinesiology Tape


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Kinesiology taping is designed to improve the body’s natural healing process by helping to increase blood flow around the muscle.

Kinesiology Tape applied over muscles reduces pain and inflammation, relaxing overused tired muscles and supporting muscles movement.

Product Details
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Product Details

It is non-restrictive, allowing for a full range of motion; the wave pattern adhesive backing moves with the skin and muscles.

Our Kinesiology tape offers consistent stretch with a great elastic memory. It keeps it’s length when removed from the backing paper and keeps its tension the whole time it on.

Superb adhesive (5N/cm) and stays on for up to 7 days. Water resistant, including shower immersions.

We use hypoallergenic glue to reduce irritation on the skin during wear.


  1. Tape must not be used over untreated wounds. Complex applications should be performed by a specialist.
  2. Clean the parts of the body that need taping, cut tape as required and press the adhesive surface gently onto the skin.
  3. Apply the tape in the direction that feels most comfortable.
  4. Take care when using the tape in case of sensitive skin. Remove the tape immediately in the event of allergic reaction.
  5. Each piece of tape should be used once only. Remove tape carefully after use.


Made in China

Technical Information

  • Each roll measures: 50mm x 5m
  • Continuous roll – cut to desired length.
  • 6 colours available – Black, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Orange and Skin tone
  • Can be applied at home or by a Physio