Advanced Kinesiology Tape arrives

Advanced Kinesiology Tape arrives

1000-mile Admin

We've researched into what you are looking for in Kinesiology Tape - consistent stretch, longer lasting, shower resistant, less bulk, smoother edges and better adhesive. We have fulfilled ALL of these  requirements and the outcome is - The Advanced Kinesiology Tape.    

So what makes this tape Advanced?

Consistent stretch - our Advanced Tape gives you the same amount of stretch each time you use it, not too much and not too little.

Improved elastic memory - the tape keeps its tension for the whole time it's on.

Easy to apply - keeps its length when removed from backing paper

Superb adhesive (SN/cm), water resistant and fast drying - stays on for up to 7 days, including shower immersions and once wet dries out super-fast.

Ultra-light and Ultra-thin - you hardly know it there and with the lowest profile/smoother edges possible means it is less likely to rub or snag on clothing.  

Hypoallergenic glue - 70g/m2 +/- in the perfect adhesive pattern

All of this in just one place - it must be Advanced.

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