5 reasons to get to grips with climbing

5 reasons to get to grips with climbing

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CLIMBING is on the up – with women and millennial's contributing most to the 40% increase in visits to climbing walls this last year, according to the Association of British Climbing Walls.

As climbing makes its debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the number of people seeking a vertical thrill is only set to rise.

Here’s 5 good reasons to join this growing trend and hit your nearest wall:

Physical and mental benefits:

Climbing gives a full body work out burning between 500 -600 calories an hour. It helps develop good upper, lower and core body strength as well as working on your flexibility and endurance too. The confidence gained on conquering a wall can often help off the wall too.

One for the ladies:

Think climbing is easier for the male physique? Think again. Women often make better climbers than men for two reasons. Women don’t just rely on using brute strength, they spend time developing their technique. Interestingly women are biologically better built for climbing thanks to their unique strength-to-weight ratio.

You won’t get bored.

Every climb is different and requires you to ‘solve a problem’ as you constantly use your mind to plot the easiest route to the top.

Hit the wall.

There are now over 1000 indoor climbing walls in the UK. No longer sweaty, male dominated facilities, today’s walls offer other temptations such as yoga classes and bars and plays host to groups of friends whilst nurturing the growing ‘climbing community.’ Climbing walls aren’t dependent on good weather conditions or on living near a mountain range making learning new, or polishing existing climbing skills, accessible to all.


There’s plenty of climbing apparel on the market designed to make your climbing experience both comfortable and stylish. Shorts and tees for men and tights and tanks for women. But in terms of helping you literally get to grips with climbing, we’ve devised a new collection of liquid and powder chalks and accessories, all at competitive prices.

So why not give Climbing a go......

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