Top 5 Running Niggles and Injuries – What Gives?

Top 5 Running Niggles and Injuries – What Gives?

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There is no doubt that running offers many physical and mental benefits and a recent survey even stated that running a little every day can even help us to live for longer.

Running does challenge your body in many different ways however, with a reported 75% of runners suffering some form of injury every year. But whether you’re training for a marathon and racking up the mileage or you’re new to running and physically adjusting to the new challenge, here’s the low-down on the most common injuries, what causes them and how to prevent and overcome them:

  1. Plantar fasciitis.

    You feel: Pain in your heel.
    Cause: Most common in those aged between 40-60, high impact activities such as running place stress and weight on the heel and the attached tissue. High arches, flat feet and tight calf muscles can also cause Plantar Fasciitis.
    Try: Supportive running shoes, replace old trainers take advice on which would best suit your needs. Take time to stretch your calf muscles and arches before your run.

  2. Achilles Tendonitis

    You feel: Sharp pain in your calf and soreness at the back of your ankle.
    Cause: The ankle hasn’t been moving well enough as you run, AT generally occurs on one limb only.
    Try: Don’t push through it. Strength training, lunging, squats and dead-lifting won’t aggravate it so add these to your fitness routine to help build a better structure around the Achilles.

  3. Shin splints

    You feel: Shooting pain along the shin bone.
    Cause: Ill-fitting footwear or new runners whose legs are not yet accustomed to ‘running stress.
    Try: Rest until the inflammation goes down and seek professional advice on your running stance. It’s usually just a technique error that can be corrected.

  4. Hamstring Pull

    You feel: Excessive tightness and pain in the hamstring.
    Cause: Running too fast, running when tired or failure of other surrounding muscles.
    Try: Rest up. It can take 6-8 weeks to fully heal a hamstring pull. Start again slowly and stretch well before each run.

  5. Patella Tendinitis or Runner's Knee

    You feel: Pain to the front base of your knee.
    Cause: Typically, this common condition stems from weakness in the hips or feet or, racking up too many miles too quickly.
    Try: Ice and elevation until the pain passes. Long-term, focus on strength work, in particular, slow, low squats to build strength.


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