We Make Socks From Plastic Bottles!

We Make Socks From Plastic Bottles!

Mike Walden

Our Repreve range of socks contain yarns made from recycled plastic bottles. Leading the way in innovative performance and technical socks for running, walking, sports and foot health, the 1000 Mile range boasts over sixty styles, building its solid reputation and brand recognition since 1990.

Double layer anti-blister socks

1000 Mile is best known for its double layer, anti-blister system. The ‘sock within a sock’ design was introduced to the UK with the very first Original 1000 Mile Sock.

The inner layer stays with the foot as the outer layer moves with the shoe, eliminating friction on the skin and protecting your feet from blisters.

Our best selling recycled sock:

Navy Marl/Kingfisher
Approach Repreve Double Layer Sock


We have been working hard at 1000 Mile, improving our overall sustainability profile. This includes both the materials in our products and packaging: using more recycled, more ecological or just less materials, and shipping it as little as we can – as well as minimising the conversion process and energy inputs to arrive at finished product.

The 1000 Mile Recycled Range, launched in 2021, is being expanded through 2022 and into 2023: introducing one of our best-selling sock designs for each category of user and sock style (double and single layer, for runners, for walkers, shoe and boot socks).

How we make recycled socks

Key to the range are high percentages of REPREVE® recycled materials in the fabric blend: REPREVE® poly yarns and high quality REPREVE® recycled Nylon 6.

REPREVE® poly yarns are made from 100% recycled materials, primarily plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are collected then chopped into pieces which are ground, melted and reformulated into small chips. The Repreve chips are melted and extruded to form a yarn which which we knit eco friendly socks!

We create a 'reprieve' for the planet by reducing energy, water and greenhouse gases. REPREVE® is one of the most certified, earth-friendly fibres available in the world, currently approaching 25 billion plastic bottles re-purposed.

REPREVE® recycled Nylon 6 reformulated from pre-consumer fibre waste, and opens up a world of possibilities in the use of eco-friendly, high quality nylon materials. For every 1lb of REPREVE® Nylon 6, 77,000 BTU’s* are conserved, equivalent to 0.6 gallons of petrol.

While we recognise our whole industry is only at the beginning of the path, we want to continue to hit milestone markers in our brands’ evolution throughout 2023 and beyond.


Tactel is soft, light and surprisingly strong. A dynamic, speciality fibre, Tactel® creates garments that are soft, supple, smooth, breathable and lightweight. According to rigid testing, Tactel® fibre:

  • Is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibres.
  • Dries 8 times faster than cotton.
  • Produces fabrics that are 3 times as strong as those made with natural fibres.

Many of the 1000 Mile Double Layer socks have a 100% Tactel® inner lining which helps to reduce friction on the skin but also helps keep feet cool and dry during activities.


NILIT Heat is a unique yarn, created with coffee charcoal, for natural insulation. It keeps wearers warmer in cold temperatures. Wicking, breathable and with excellent absorption and moisture control to provide a dry comfort for all day wear.

Anti-bacterial and deodorising properties add to overall foot health. Best of all this yarn is environmentally friendly – making use of the natural surplus of coffee bean shells to create the coffee charcoal which works into the nylon fibre to create the end result of NILIT Heat.


Merino Wool is one of softest types of wool available and is perfect for regulating body temperature. The wool provides warmth without overheating the wearer and it’s moisture wicking properties combined with being slightly moisture repellent allow the wearer to remain dry. Merino yarns can be found in up to 8 different styles from our range.

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