Kinesiology Tape 4" Blue


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Wider 4″ roll of Kinesiology Tape perfect for Physios and Clinical use.

We have taken our Kinesiology Tape to another level –  now you can get your favourite UP Kinesiology Tape in a wider roll!

Product Details
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Product Details

Each roll measures: 4″ x 5.5yds (100mm x 5m)

Our Kinesiology tape offers consistent stretch with a great elastic memory.  It keeps it’s length when removed from the backing paper and keeps its tension the whole time it on.

Superb adhesive (5N/cm) and stays on for up to 7 days.  Water resistant, including shower immersions.

We use hypoallergenic glue to reduce irritation on the skin during wear.

Perfect for teams, physios or clinics when taping a larger area.

Technical Information

  • Each roll measures: 100mm x 5m
  • Continuous, uncut roll
  • Available in Blue only