Nasal Plugs


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Stop nosebleed quickly and effectively.

The Ultimate Performance Nasal Plugs help stop even the more severe nose bleeds fast.

Product Details
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Product Details

Soft PVA sponge plugs compressed and vacuum packed.

Each plug once inserted and comes in to contact with liquid ( in this case blood), expands to fill the cavity to help stem the flow.

Aids clotting by gently applying pressure against the cavity walls to physically inhibit blood flow without discomfort.

Lint free.

Box of 10 plugs in each pack.  Packed in individual sterile packets.

Technical Information

  • Ideal for treatment of nose bleed sporting injuries
  • Comfortable, reliable, rapidly expanding four way action to absorb and stop nose bleeds
  • Each unit is packed in a sealed sterile pack
  • Each box contains 10 sealed units
  • Can be cut to size if required, before application and expansion
  • Easy to remove and no risk of sticking to nasal mucosa and damaging the clots to cause re-bleeding on removal
  • Latex and lint free

Size Guide

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Small/Medium
  • Large/XL